Jul 23, 2017

Bariatric Surgery to treat obese patients with Diabetes Type 2 Mellitus

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Bariatric Surgery to treat obese patients with Diabetes Type 2 Mellitus (T2DM)


Based on the summary of research findings identified from the Evidence-Based Project—Paper on Diabetes that describes a new diagnostic tool or intervention for the treatment of diabetes in adults or children, complete the following components of this assignment: Develop a PowerPoint presentation (a title slide, 6-12 slides, and a reference slide; no larger than 2 MB) that includes the following: 1.A brief summary of the research conducted in the Evidence-Based Project – Paper on Diabetes, for example, a new diabetic drug, new form of education, treatment etc., insulin pump... make sure you can find a good evidence based journal article 2.A descriptive and reflective discussion of how the new tool or intervention may be integrated into practice that is supported by sound research. submit the paper and the powerpoint separately. The paper should be in APA format In-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines. View Rubric: Summary of Article (Includes Discussion of Research Performed and Clinical Findings) 10% Proposed Integration of the New Tool or Intervention Into Practice, and Explanation of the Impact of the New Tool or Intervention on nursing practice. 60% Organization and Effectiveness 30%

Bariatric Surgery to treat obese patients with Diabetes Type 2 Mellitus (T2DM)Student:Professor:Course title:Date:Bariatric Surgery to treat obese patients with Diabetes Type 2Diabetes is a devastating health condition all over the world. Roughly 8.3% of all people in the world have this disease, and the number is increasing (Walker, 2013).Uncontrolled diabetes results in several lasting problems such as strokes, heart attacks, blindness, failure of the kidney, as well as the need for amputations. For a long time, bariatric surgeons have understood that bariatric surgery has a major effect on Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). However, primary care physicians are usually hesitant to recommend this surgery due to lack of sufficient quality studies that compare the effectiveness of surgical intervention verses medical therapy in treating T2DM (Davies et al., 2014). The evidence-based project described in this paper was designed to help in answering this question.The Evidenced-Based Project-Project on diabetes describing a new treatment for diabetes in adults is: Bariatric Surgery Versus Intensive Medical Therapyfor Diabetes – 3-Year Outcomes. The New England Journal of Medicine by Schaueret al., 2014.Summary of ...

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