Jul 24, 2017

Argument against assisted suicide in Canada

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Argument against assisted suicide in Canada


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Argument against assisted suicide in CanadaNameCourse numberInstructor’s nameDateSteven Fletcher a Canadian legislator indicates that there is growing preference for physicians to assist patients with life threatening diseases to die (Theresa n.p.). Aid in dying encompasses euthanasia and assisted suicide and it takes different forms such as withdrawing spoon feeding, withdrawing drug administration such as insulin, administering lethal drugs and withdrawing life support. These practices are aimed at halting the life prolonging measures and it is presumed that continuing care is futile. Assisted suicide in particular involves the physician providing information and medical means by which a patient contemplating suicide can commit suicide (Harned 13). People have different bizarre motivations such as a pathological fear of germs, retired aged persons without family and friends (Patients Rights Council n.p.). Such reasons are non-life threatening and are insufficient in sanctioning assisted suicide because there are alternative solutions that could be explored to address their fear for prolonged living. Life is sacred and any motivations for physician assisted suicide life are absolutely unwarranted. Legalizing assisted suicide in Canada would result in rampant abuse particularly for the most vulnerable persons in the society. Many concur that legalization is necessitated by the need to relieve un-relievable pain and the subsequent discomfort during death. However, many disabled people often may instead use the law for motivations other than pain. For instance, it is reported that disabled persons seek assisted suicide to escape from the loss of dignity and loss of bodily functions control in Netherlands and Oregon in the US (Golden and Zoanni 18). Persons with disabilities require recognizing that dependency on personal assistance is not undignified and it is better than death. Research shows numerous cases where health practitioners compel healthy persons with disabilities to sign do not resuscitate orders and assent to instructions barring administration of treatment for life sustenance (Golden and Zoanni 18). Legalizing the phenomenon is driven by profit driven motivations and not ones to promote patient’s quality of care. Legalizing assisted suicide is bound to encourage a tendency by profit making health care institutions to disapprove costly treatment decisions and hasten deaths. The same may be replicated in government under funded medical facilities in a bid ...

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