Jul 26, 2017

Are you part of the Problem?

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Issues of Web Security and Solutions


The are several common issues in web security. A survey data in the following article show the relative frequency for a certain web security breach to occur. The article also provides the detailed explaination of different potential web security breaches.

Heilmann C. (2010). Web Security: Are you part of the Problem?

Google Code University provides even more detailed explanations in two sets of presentation slides. There even have exercises to test your skills. You are not required to do these exercises. But you are encouraged to give it a try. Please from the general overview of web security, select three issues to study in depth. And selectively learn from the appropriate sets of presentation below:

Google (2012). Part I. What Every Web Programmer Needs to Know About Security. Google Code University.

Google (2012). Part II. What Every Web Programmer Needs to Know About Security. Google Code University.

Case assignment

Review reading materials, and think about the issues involved, please prepare a 3-5 page paper addressing the questions:

"Web Security Issues and Solutions" 

Case Assignment Expectations

Use information from the modular background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list at the end of your paper.

The following items will be assessed in particular:

  1. Your overview of web security, among which you identify three of them to discuss in depth.
  2. Your understanding of selected web security issues.
  3. Your understanding of current solutions to selected web security issues.
Issues of Web Security and SolutionsName:Institution:Web security is a very complex issue that could frustrate all the individuals who have Web existence under their management. One of the main problems of web security is the tendency of its complexity. Security vulnerabilities have resulted to susceptible frequent attacks on software, resulting to masses of insecurity (Heilmann, 2010). For instance, internet worms have occasionally shut down commercial websites, while the numbers of credit cards have been stolen in masses. It is therefore, very important to understand the threats involved and the issues contributing to insecurities of websites, as well as ways of solving this problem.Web security bears a holistic aspect that includes physical security, technological security that carries network security, application security and operating system security. The physical security involves limiting access to physical area that the asset may not be stolen or experience unauthorized entry. It also helps in protection of information leakage and theft of document. However, technological security is far and wide as it configuring server in the right way, which may involve database content or local files. Technological security may also call for robust interpretation of data, and ensuring that there are no faults in the process of identity verification. In technological security, maximum guard on the OS and network security is required. In this numerous threat issues is involved especially where individual least expect it (Daswani, Kern & Kesavan, 2007). Among the commonly used threats include defacement, which involves online vandalism. In this case, the attackers tend to replace the legal pages with those that are illegal. This scam is usually targeted upon the political websites. An instance of such an occurrence is where in the United States, the White House websites were deface...

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