Jul 26, 2017

Are the leaders thought or systemic?

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Thought vs. Systemic Leadership


Dear writer, I hope all is well. Kindly use EMIRATES AIRLINES as the example company. Provide examples of these two leadership style within Emirates Airlines by name please, including if possible but not limited to: CEO Ahmad bin Saeed, President Tim Clark and others ( feel free to choose any other names). The essay should address the following: 1. Are the leaders thought or systemic? 2. Do you have them both? If yes, how do they interact? 3. Do you – or they – think that this is this the most appropriate for the organzation? Why 4. How this style is coping with the organization context 5. Conclusions, recommendations, suggestions Guidelines for Completion are: 1-Theoritical understanding depth. (3 marks) 2- How things are implemented in reality, any gap, lessons learned. (3 marks) 3-Conclusions, recommendations, lessons learned, or your perspectives (3 marks) 4- Structure, flow, logic & reasoning (3 marks) 5- presentation style and richness (4 marks) 6- discussions and defense (4 marks) Kindly include a free plagiarism report. And if possible include a brief power point. Thanks Mohammad

THOUGHT VS SYSTEMIC LEADERSHIPNameInstitution affiliationCourseDate of Submission Thought vs. Systemic LeadershipIn order to secure multiplicity of perspectives and experiences to fully inform processes, there is a need for adequate diversity that makes all stakeholders able to share their knowledge and thoughts. Every idea is vital and has to be valued since it yields a pathway forward as stakeholders are continually learning and complex issues continue to change. The learning by stakeholders is adaptive bringing forth services to the whole group. Since thought a re shared openly, emerging thoughts contribute to adaption and learning. Leadership thus is the process where ideas and thoughts generated are shared by individuals in an organization or group to optimize resources of the organization. Leadership relies on many steps that emerge from critical reflection and exploration that enhance a group to become more effective by raising the level of knowledge to all stakeholders on how things work out. There are two categories of leadership namely systemic and thought leadership which are both significant for success of an organization in achieving its objectives. This paper will explore the different types of leadership using emirates airlines as the case study to understand what these leadership styles entail.Emirates airline is the largest in Middle East which started its business with only two aircrafts and its first route out of Dubai was flown in 1985. Currently the airline has expanded to a fleet of more than 130 flying over 100 destinations in over 60 countries globally (The Emirates Story, 2010). The company has been expanding at about 20 percent recording profits every year. Emirates airline has a cargo division that undertake cargo activities that provide cargo solutions in all its destinations, and in so doing confirming its future growth. The firm has expanded significantly carrying more passengers than before indicating that it is one of the fastest growing airlines in the industry.The concept of thought leadership is term bestowed those leaders who advance in market place of ideas by being actionable, commercially relevant and research backed. The engage themselves in blue ocean strategy thinking on behalf of themselves and their clients rather than being product focused and brand centric mimics of other leaders’ ideas. The ever dynamic environment calls for thought leaders who are able to understand better and reorganize an organizations relationship and increasingly sharp on demanding and skeptical consumers. This implies that thought leaders have to differentiate their organization with innovative perspective that are inspiring to all stakeholders. Thought leadership is embedded in culture of the organization empowering all employees by inspiring and supporting them toward accomplishment of their goals and that of the organization. Emirates CEO and chairman Sheik Ahmed bin Saeed al-Maktoum is a thought leader who has create...

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