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Course code: SSGE033S5 and SSGE016S6


Assignment 2 (60%): Essay


Answer one of the questions below. Use ethnographic examples to illustrate your answer:


  1. It is in the symbolic that we now look for people’s sense of difference, and in symbolism, rather than structure, that we seek the boundaries of their worlds of identity and diversity’ (A. P. Cohen, 1986, pg. 2)

Discuss this statement with a focus on ‘globalisation’ or ‘home’ or ‘nation’


  1. Critically compare and contrast spatial practices that have been used in colonialism.


  1. Critically evaluate the concept ‘non-place’.


  1. Compare and contrast the spatial practices of THREE different ethnographic examples in relation to ONE of the following themes: a) political struggle; b) the city; c) religion; d) gender.


  1. Discuss socio-spatial exclusion using ethnographic examples comparing TWO of the following groups: a) homeless people; b) refugees; c) nomadic/travelling people.





Level 6 students:

3,500 words, excluding bibliography. Footnotes are not encouraged; to be submitted by 11.55pm Monday  18th April 2016  i.e. first Monday of Term 3 – THROUGH TURNITIN


Level 5 students:

3,000 words, excluding bibliography. Footnotes are not encouraged; to be submitted by 11.55pm Monday  18th April 2016  i.e. first Monday of Term 3 – THROUGH TURNITIN


While writing your assignments, please take note of the word limit, the guidelines for referencing and notes on plagiarism. It is crucial to reference all sources cited, in the bibliography and the text, and ensure that each direct quotation is annotated correctly.


Examiners will not read anything beyond the allowable word limit i.e. any excess words will be deemed as not included in the assessment.


All assignment questions are approved by the External Examiner and all assignments submitted must clearly indentify which approved question is being answered.


YOU MUST ANSWER A SET QUESTION.  If your essay does not clearly identify the question being addressed, or is written to address a different question than the approved list, it will be treated as a fail.


All assignments MUST be submitted through Turnitin, which is accessible through Moodle.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure before the assignment deadline that they know how to do this.


Assignments need to be submitted anonymously – do not print your name onto your assignment.


Plagiarism Statement


You need to attach the following statement to the front of your assignment:


‘I confirm that this assignment is my work alone, that I have not submitted any of this work elsewhere and that all the ideas and work, written or otherwise, of other people or organisations are correctly and fully attributed to them.’


Criteria for marking course work

All course work should cite references and/or give a bibliography as appropriate. All marks given are provisional until verified by the appropriate exam board. The mark for any piece of work may be changed by the exam board.


70% and above : An excellent or outstanding piece of work. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of concepts and debates and an ability to think critically. Makes well structured arguments, that may be theoretically informed, with very good use of relevant evidence. There will be clear evidence of awareness of current/relevant debates.  Offers a wide range of references, and is fully and correctly referenced throughout.  Marks over 80% indicate an exceptional piece of work which excels in all these areas.


60-69%: A very good piece of work and complete examination of the task. Clear evidence of understanding of concepts or ideas.  Offers analysis and a clear argument backed by appropriate examples/evidence.  Well written, organised and presented. Good use of sources with evidence correctly cited.


50-59%:  A satisfactory to good answer. Approach and content gives some evidence of reading and awareness of debate but may be too descriptive or generalised or needing a clearer focus. May have some gaps in argument, planning or use of evidence. Some evidence of engagement with and analysis of concepts presented in the module.  Appropriate sources adequately cited.


40-49%: An adequate piece of work.  Task examined but major areas may not have been addressed.  Evidence of some reading and attempt to address the question or topic but generally descriptive and/or not well supported by evidence or examples.  Planning, structuring and presentation relatively weak. Limited understanding of concepts or ideas.  Barely adequate use of sources, often over-dependent on material covered in class.  Sources may be inadequately cited.


30-39% FAIL:  A partial and superficial response to the task. Uses a minimal range of reading or shows no evidence of reading. May be repetitious consisting of a string of weak assertions/opinions which may not relate to each other and without supporting evidence. Very poor planning and presentation. No awareness of theoretical perspectives or misunderstanding of key concepts.  Sources inadequately cited or not cited.


0-29% FAIL : Very poor work. Little or no understanding of subject. Poorly organised and confused argument. Little or no evidence of planning or presentation skills.  Question not addressed and little or no knowledge of the topic.


N.B:  All marks are provisional until agreed by the Examination Board.

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