ANOVA calculation and interpretation

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ANOVA calculation and interpretation

ANOVA calculation and interpretation

Assignment Notes
– When you submit your assignment through Turnitin, include in the file name your name
and student number (e.g., PSYC2010_Assignment_Surname_StudentNumber.doc).
– You do not need to view/report any literature on videogaming and/or spatial awareness.
– You do not need references/citations or an abstract.
– Question 4 (i.e., the main bulk of this assignment) should be reported as it would appear in the
results section of a journal article that uses APA 6th edition formatting. This means you need to
have calculated the results of the appropriate analyses and report them here.
– You will need to perform hand calculations (like we have shown in lectures and tutorials) to get
the correct answers to put into your report for Question 4. You must adhere to the rounding rules
that we have set out at the beginning of this course to obtain the correct answers (i.e., round to
three decimal places while you are conducting the calculations and reporting two decimal places
for interpretation/writing up the results). However, please do not attach/submit your hand
calculations for Question 4.
– You do not need to report the exact p values for Question 4 (as per the APA 6th edition manual)
since this is not easily done when calculating results by hand. Instead, use p < .05 or ns where
– Your final assignment needs to be typed and uploaded through Blackboard/TurnItIn. Assignments
will not be accepted by tutors or the lecturer as we need an electronic version to mark.
– Assignments submitted late (without an approved extension) will lose 1% (out of 15%) per
calendar day (including weekends). That is 4 marks out of 60 per day. Thus, assignments
received after 15 days will automatically be given a mark of zero. Note: In order to pass this
course you must make a genuine attempt at EVERY piece of assessment including this assignment
(and gain 50% overall for the course).
– A word of warning ? TurnItIn sometimes makes the formatting of your assignment look strange
when you upload it. However, in most cases, we get to see the assignment as you originally
formatted it. If we think something has gone wrong, we will let you know. Note: Uploading the
document as .pdf can reduce the risk of formatting problems.

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