analyze the presidency of Ronald Reagan and its impact on American society and culture.

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US History Questions

US History Questions


Please analyze the presidency of Ronald Reagan and its impact on American society and culture.  Make sure to cite your sources. Please address ALL of the following:

  • Compare Reagan’s approach to politics and foreign affairs with those of his predecessors.  What were the major foreign policy issues of his presidency?
  • Compare Reagan’s approach to domestic issues with those of his predecessors.  What were the major domestic issues of his presidency?
  • Analyze and evaluate the success/failure of Reagan’s policies.  While you should provide YOUR OWN OPINION on this, please support your conclusions with specific sources and information


The overall process of evolution in connection with a famous region of study for the theory, the Galápagos Islands. In the 1830s, Charles Darwin visited the Galápagos area on his round-the-world tour and was astounded at how many different species he could see on these islands. He spent much of the rest of his life trying to figure out why so many species had come about on these islands as well as in other locations that he had seen on his trip. His thinking eventually led to his careful description of the process of evolution.  The concept of species living within certain physical and biological limitations. Over time, a species becomes more adapted, through the process of evolution, for particular elements of the physical and biological environment in which it is living. For example, species require certain temperatures, pH, or nutrients, or can compete well with another species.
Questions to Complete:

The case study describes geologic features of the island chain. Looking at the larger pieces, how many islands can you see in the Galápagos, and why are they broken up like this? Discusses environmental factors influencing species diversity. Reflecting on the fact that the islands vary considerably in size, what are some environmental factors that could vary from island to island and that might affect the survival of living things differently on the different islands How far is it from the Galapagos Islands to the mainland of South America, found to the east, and what are the implications of species interacting between the two area.

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