Jul 25, 2017

African American History

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African American History


TOPIC: African American History


 I. Introduction: Since the period of slavery, African Americans have gone through a hard period to get to their current state, African American history plays an important role in American history not only because the Civil Rights Movement, but because of the strength and courage of Afro-Americans struggling to live a good life in America.

       A. Thesis Statement. : Ever since slavery years, African Americans have been determined

             to end segregation, fight for civil rights, and worked to attain voting rights.

  II. How African-Americans worked to end Segregation

  1. Riots
  2. Boycotts

     1. Montgomery bus boycott

       C.  Civil Rights movement

            1. Developed an aggressive way of fighting racial Segregation

            2. broke the pattern of public facilities’ being segregated by “race” 

  III. How African Americans worked to attain Civil Rights

       A.  The march of 1963

           1. Was noted for racial unrest and civil rights

           2.  Marched for jobs and freedom

           3.  Protested against the brutality of the police force

           4.  Martin Luther Jr. delivered the famous “I Have a Dream” speech

  IV. How African Americans worked to Attain Voting Rights and equality

        A. 15th Amendment

        B. The Voting Rights Act of 1965

            1. Enforced the constitutional right to vote for all citizens.

            2. Considered one of the most effective pieces of civil rights legislation ever enacted in

                The United States
        C. NAACP

               1. Fought social and racial inequality through legislation, court cases and protests.

               2. Oldest and largest civil rights organization

               3. Niagara Movement                 

CONCLUSION:  African Americans finally received the civil rights that all people should have. African Americans have established an enormous role in the beginnings and the history of the America. Their continuous fight for equality and rights as American people have spanned many years.

African American historyNameProfessorDateAfrican American historyAmerica is one of the nations that have great racial diversity. There are people of all racial origins living in the United States of America. Historically, African Americans found their ways into America as slaves during the period of slavery. Since that period of slavery, afro-Americans have gone through difficult periods in their Struggles to achieve equality and end segregation. African Americans have become a great part of America`s history for their great Struggle and achievements in changing some systems. Ever since the period of slavery, African Americans have been in the struggle to end segregation, fight for civil rights, voting rights, and fights for rights to exercise other constitutional rights. Some have even been forced to spend time in prison for their lead roles in the struggle. African Americans have led America through a great cultural and legal transformation. African American history is that part of American history that discusses the black American ethnic groups in America. Although there are Afro-Americans who have acquired American citizenships in other ways, most are descendants of captive Americans that were held in the united states or territories that later became part of the United States of America. The history of Afro-Americans is celebrated annually in the America during the month of February which is rather regarded to as the month of Black History CITATION Dix10 l 1033 (Haggard, 2010). The American African slave population comprised of different ethnic groupings from west and central Africa. Even though the African slaves had ethnic differences, they had a common way of life that was clearly different from that of the Europeans; they provided cheap labor which is the biggest reason why the Europeans came into Africa looking for slaves CITATION Dan10 l 1033 (Fountain, 2010). Increased slave trade led to a slow rise of a black population. They were mostly concentrated in cities and Atlantic coast line from Charleston to Boston. Majority of slaves lived in tobacco and rice plantations in groups of about 20. Plantation owners became so much reliant on slavery for cheap labor that they started sidelining the American lower class. The slavery institution became a great part of the south economy that it eventually divided America into two major opposing forces. Slaves also started rebellions with the most serious being the Stono Uprising in September 1979 in South Carolina. The colony had so many slaves that they outnumbered whites CITATION Wil00 l 1033 (Dudley, 2000). Ever since when African Americans were slaves, they have gone through so many obstacles to get where they are today, some have held political offices, worked in political offices and gained rights enjoyed by other American citizens or natives. Back in the early days, Afro-Americans had no rights and their voices could not be heard. Some witnessed the death of their parents in the so ...

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