Jul 23, 2017

A&P and Araby stories

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Response Questions: A&P and Araby stories


Question 1: For this activity, you need to have read, and ideally re-read James Joyce’s classic short story, “Araby.” In preparation, review some of the elements of fiction from the Module Notes and the Elements of Fiction Website. In a post of at least 125 words, describe the character and point of view of the unnamed boy who narrates the story in “Araby.” 1 source required Question 2: For this activity, you will need to read John Updike’s “A&P” with great care and compare it with James Joyce’s “Araby.” In preparation for the discussion, think about how Sammy in Updike’s story resembles or differs from the unnamed boy in Joyce’s “Araby” and read Howard Wells’ article comparing the two stories. Wells, W.(1993). John Updike`s `A&P`: A return to Araby. Studies In Short Fiction, 30(2), 127. In a minimum of 150 words, briefly describe one character from “A&P,” discussing whether or not the character is “rounded” or “flat.” 1 source required

Response Questions Insert name:Institution affiliation:Due date:Question 1 The nameless narrator lives with his uncle and aunt. He is a great friend to his colleague who is known as Mangan. He develops a strong desire to Mangan’s sister. Every morning, he follows her and desires her when she goes to school. Eventfully one day, the girl talks to him. She asks him if he will attend the function at Araby. However, the girl is unable to go to Araby since she will attend a religious retreat during that weekend (Muller, 2009). The narrator is filled with romantic affection and he already knows that the girl will attend the function at Araby. He therefore proposes to present a gift to her. The narrator is obsessed with the girl. He cannot concentrate on other important things for his life. The narrator gets permission from his guardians to attend events at Araby. He remains anxious for the occasion. On the final day, he reminds the uncle about the event at night. The uncle is expected to give him some money to travel to the function. Unfortunately, his uncle fails to arrive on time. The boy becomes desperate and eagerly waiting for his uncle to arrive. Though, it is late at night, the boy is still determined ...

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