Jul 23, 2017

A case of Wal-Mart

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Strategic Choice and Evaluation: A case of Wal-Mart


Strategic Choice and Evaluation Write a paper of no more than 1,200 words that evaluates alternatives an organization must consider to realize growth. Please include introduction, headers, and conclusion Identify the best value discipline, generic strategy, and grand strategy for Wal-Mart. Recommend a strategy or combination of strategies the Wal-Mart should implement.

Strategic Choice and Evaluation: A case of Wal-MartName:Institution:Strategic Choice and Evaluation: A case of Wal-MartIntroductionThe current business strategy of Wal-Mart involves having low-cost and volume-based operations and product ranges that enhance company reliability and customer satisfaction. All the same, for an organization to realize growth, it must consider establishment of competitive advantage, especially in regards to its target market. For instance, Wal-Mart focuses on reaching mature and commonplace persons in a developed setting. This explains why the company chose to settle on its low-cost approach, among several possible strategies of reaching the market.Organizations (especially those in the retail sector) can also consider achieving ‘Organic growth’ by enhancing operations of the company using internally generated resources instead of resorting to debt finance or mergers and acquisitions. This alternative also facilitates the establishment of a customer-oriented workforce and a much more established organizational culture.Evaluation of Wal-Mart’s Strategies.The Business Dictionary’ (2014) describes ‘value disciplines’ model as having generic elements of operational excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy. In this case, Wal-Mart operates under the discipline of Customer intimacy for the most part. This does not mean that the company lags behind in terms of operational excellence and product leadership considering it is of the ‘Leader’ status.The company vigorously and consistently places emphasis on achieving the consumers’ preference as its primary value principle or rather ‘Buying power’ in reference to the five forces described by Michael Porter (Hitt, et al. 2012).Additionally, the company employs generic strategy mechanisms that facilitate its competitive advantage in addition to creating barriers to new market entrants who pose as a threat. This is further propagated by the company’s low cost strategy of marketing that facilitates the company’s success. Still, Wal-Mart maintains desirable relationships with its suppliers, a factor that has greatly contributed to its expansion via proliferation of the company’s outlets. The company’s capability of modifying its merchandising response to specific and individual markets is important in its overall performance. This allows the management at store level to identify products that are most preferred by customers and to price them in accordance with the prevailing market conditions with ease. Other th...

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