Jul 26, 2017

A case of Oralia Bahenas experiences

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Social Concepts: The Influence of Social Environment and Circumstances: A case of Oralia Bahenas experiences


Discuss the circumstances in which the young Oralia Bahena grew up, and how they influenced the type of life she would have. Draw upon the sociological concepts presented in the text to help illustrate your response. Textbook and Course Materials: Macionis, J. (2011). Society: The Basics (11th ed or 12th ed). Upper Saddle River.: Prentice Hall.


Oralia  bahena came to the united states from mexico with her family.she was the eldest child. Her mother envisioned a new life and greater opportunities for her children.oralia said she gets her motivation from her mother who believed in education.when they first came to the U.S , they had very little money and  for a time, actually lived under a bridge. But there was even bigger problem.Oralia’s  father was an alcoholic and abused his wife.oralia said even though she saw her father abused her mom,there was nothing she could do about and it was a point of frustration for her.she said it was the worst thing that could happen to her.she said when her father was trying to be physically abusive to them, that was when her mother stepped in even though her mother knew if she did step in the husband will hit her.oralia said as a child she watched in silence when her father was beating her mom both in mexico and the U.S but when she became a teenager she decided she has seen enough.oralia said one day her dad was beating her mom and she made a choice that had changed her life.she said she loved her mom more than anything else so seeing her father beat up her mothe rwas the worst pain she could get.oralia called the police on her own father but she knew it was the best thing she could do because the abuse has to stop.

Social ConceptsName:Institution:Social ConceptsThe Influence of Social Environment and Circumstances: A case of Oralia Bahenas experiencesOralia bahena was a young girl from a Mexican immigrant family in the united states. As a young girl, Oralia was exposed to a life of abject poverty and domestic violence. Even so, she received hope and inspiration from her mother in regards to having a better life in future by focusing on her education. She witnessed her family struggle to survive under adverse conditions of living, in addition to constant occurrences of domestic violence abuses directed to her mother by her alcoholic father. These circumstances plus the respon...

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